Probably the mos famous adaptation of The Box of Delights which aired on BBC 1 in 1984. This six part series was scripted by Alan Seymour and directed by Renny Rye. Music was by Roger Limb, and is now available to buy on CD, vinyl or download. The series is still widely available to buy on DVD.

The six parts were as follows -

Part 1 - When the Wolves Were Running
5.00 PM Wednesday 21st November 1984

Part 2 - Where Shall the ‘nighted Showman Go?
5.00 PM Wednesday 28th November 1984

Part 3 - In Darkest Cellars Underneath
5.20 PM Friday 26th November 1943

Part 4 - The Spider in the Web
4.55 PM Wednesday 12th December 1984

Part 5 - Beware of Yesterday
4.55 PM Wednesday 19th December 1984

Part 6 - Leave Us Not Little, Nor Yet Dark
5.00 PM Monday 24th December 1984

•Cole Hawlings - Patrick Troughton
•Kay Harker - Devin Stanfield
•Peter Jones - Crispin Mair
•Maria Jones - Joanna Dukes
•Jemima Jones - Heidi Burton
•Susan Jones - Flora Page
•Caroline Louisa - Carol Frazer
•Ellen - Helen Fraser
•Lady of the Ring - Anne Dyson
•The Inspector - James Grout
•Herne the Hunter - Glyn Baker
•Mouse - Simon Barry
•The Bishop - John Horsley
•Abner Brown - Robert Stephens
•Sylvia Daisy Pouncer - Patricia Quinn
•Foxy Faced Charles - Geoffrey Larder
•Chubby Joe - Jonathan Stevens
•Rat - Bill Wallis
•The Boy - Jason Kemp
•The Bronze Head - Nicholas Chagrin
•Arnold of Todi - Philip Locke


This well-loved series has been repeated several times over the years, and in several different formats too. Here is the full list of repeats.

The Box of Delights 1986 Repeat
Repeated at Christmas in 1986, but in three parts over three consecutive days

Part I - When the Wolves Were Running
5.00 PM Monday 22nd December 1986

Part 2 - The Spider in the Web
5.00 PM Tuesday 23rd December 1986

Part 3 - Fire and Flood
5.00 PM Wednesday 24th December 1986

The Box of Delights 1998 Repeat
A repeat of the entire TV series back to back on BBC Choice
10 AM to 4.00 PM Friday 25th December 1998

The Box of Delights 2002 Repeat
A repeat of the entire TV series back to back on CBBC
9.00 AM to 12.00 PM Monday 23rd December 2002

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