Ghost Stories for Christmas 2020

A selection of ghost stories for the festive season read by the fireside for Christmas 2020...

PASSENGER FROM CREWE by Frederick Cowles
In this show, we are hoping to bring a chill to your Yuletide this year with a special series of ghost stories for Christmas. And we are starting out with the tale of a curious train journey that took place, not so long ago, on a dark and damp December night - Passenger From Crewe by Frederick Cowles.

In this podcast we have a festive tale of terror from Mr Matt Cowan, curator of the excellent Horror Delve. In this snowy story, first published in the charity anthology O Little Town of Deathlehem, we encounter the spirit of the season in more ways than one...

No Christmas is complete without a ghost story from MR James, and so here we have a reading of one of his best loved tales - Lost Hearts.

THE VALE OF SHADOWS translated by Sabine Baring-Gould
For our final festive tale this year, we have one of the oldest Christmas ghost stories. Taken from Grettis saga √Āsmundarsonar, an Icelandic saga from the late 13th century, and translated by Sabine Baring-Gould, this tale of terror tells of the horrors that haunt a lonely farm far to the north in the Vale of Shadows in Iceland.

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