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As we all know, the internet is an endless sea of distractions and entertainments. And if you can off the porn for more than ten minutes, you can find a myriad of sites delivering new music, new movies and new fictions. And while this is a wondrous state of affairs for the average surfer, the web also affords creators not only a platform for their works and a chance to reach an audience directly but it also offers intriguing possibilities for fresh new formats.

One such format is flash fiction – the art of small micro stories. Though generally too brief for the conventional old media to bother with which these days struggles to know what to do with conventional length short fiction, such bonsai tales are ideally suited for the web. And also in the realm of bite-sized literature is the phenomena of webisodes - although now we more associate them with content-as-trailer promotional material for TV and films, originally this format began as online serialised fiction (for more on this see here). And obviously these two new forms could work hand in hand together rather well...

...Which brings us rather neatly to ’Twixt The Warp And The Weft - a fantastical tale told in one hundred chapters, of one hundred words each, released over one hundred days. Here’s how it begins...

They found it years before, when their kids were young, buried at the bottom of the garden: a rusted chocolate fingers tin. Inside, wrapped carefully in a silk scarf: a lock of hair, two peacock feathers tied in a simple knot, a photograph of a holidaying couple, torn apart then reassembled with sticky tape, an old British pound note, a dried rose and a lottery ticket, “PLEASE HELP ME, I AM LOST” scrawled on the back.

Many years later, looking at honeymoon photos with their son, recognition flickered and a cold dread began to fill their stomachs.

Intriguing yes? Well, from Friday this week (17th June 2011) you can start to follow the unfolding of this remarkable tale at Twixtthewarpandtheweft.blogspot.com, where as well as visiting every day for the next chapter, you can also subscribe by email and get the latest episodes in your inboxes.

And believe me, you really should! As your attorney, I strongly advise that you check out this wonderful story, for as it was penned by an very old friend of mine, Mr Gavin White, I had the pleasure and privilege of reading the complete text before it hits the interwebs, and this I confidently assure you of the high quality of treasures to be found within. Trust me, the discovery of the box will lead to some very strange and delightful places...

Now obviously I'll be giving no spoilers here, for there are many surprises and twists and turns along the way. But aside from strenuously recommending you join the ride and discover them for yourselves, I can safely tell you the 'Twixt The Warp & The Weft is a truly magical piece of writing.

Deftly woven with some fascinating imaginative concepts and sprinkled with a charming sense of humour, it's a fine example of the off-kilter fantasy that the British do so well but also colourfully cosmic, vividly building a whole new mythology as it goes. It's strange, intriguing, and thoroughly enchanting in every sense of the word.

And although the structure may seem limiting, you will be surprised at the diverse different shapes one hundred words can take. For this isn't a single thousand word tale rudely chopped into hundredths, it was properly crafted as individually episodes. The story unfolds through eyes of several characters, so we receive differing views of what's going on as different chapters switch narrators. Now in terms of the writing, we have episodes written in distinct voices, each with their own individual styles, and this changing of the point of view gives the story great pace. And like all good serials, there is a plethora of cliff-hangers that will have you eager for the next instalment.

So then, point your browser to ’Twixt The Warp And The Weft and prepared to be spellbound...

And if you really enjoy this flash fiction serial, I am assured there are further tales of the Warp and Weft to come. To find out more keep an eye on Mr White's blog The Daft Manifesto where further nonsense appears. And you can also follow him on Twitter here.


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JIM MOON, 16th June 2011