Santography Volume V

The changing face of St. Nick through the ages, assorted Santas and Father Christmases from after 1900

1900 Santa Claus by William Holbrook Beard
1902 Life and Adventures of Santa Claus by Frank L Baum
1902 A Cat Father Christmas by Louis Wain
1902 Puck magazine, Australia
1905 Old Father Christmas's Visit
1905 Puck magazine cover
1912 Twas the Night Before Christmas by Jessie Wilcox Smith
1912 Jessie Wilcox Smith Twas the Night Before Christmas.
1915 White Rock ginger ale Santa ad
1920 A Norman Rockwell Santa
1923 Santa by JC Leyndendecker
1931 Sundblom 1931 My hat’s off to the pause that refreshes
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