And so, we begin our voyage into the shady origins of the Horror Top Trumps with the Devil Priest pack! First up we have a very ugly looking cove who appears to be giving us the 'v's, the cheeky swine!

So here we have what will be two recurring features of the Horror Top Trumps - firstly a vague generic name, and secondly the sneaking suspicion we've seen this somewhere before... And in nearly all cases, that second intuitive feeling will be quite correct! For the unknown artist clearly copied, I mean, found inspiration in a great many sources to populate these packs of horror! Some are highly obscure, and some are filtered through a haze of madness, however we begin with an easy one...

Now this fuggly fella will not doubt rings bells for the legions of us who got a good scare as nippers from this movie - George Pal's The Time Machine (1960)

The Time Machine 1960 poster

Yes, you remember now! It's a bloody Morlock! Granted the Horror Top Trumps version has dyed its hair and donned what appears to be some kind of sheepskin jerkin but you're not fooling anyone, sunshine! Those freaky three fingered hands and that squashed fizzog with snaggly choppers are unmistakable! In particualr for anyone who was utterly terrified by the last section of that classic SF movie. And look, it's even brazenly brandishing a whip - and we all remember you lashing poor old Rod Taylor that!

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The Devil Priest Pack
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