Oh Slime Creature where are you? Yes, this is one of those rare cards that has all aficionados of the Horror Top Trumps completely stumped! Many have tried and failed to identify this somewhat melancholy looking creature, and I must confess it has defeated your faithful scribbler here too! Now most commentators have concluded that the Slime Creature is a rare wholly original escapee from the deranged imagination of the unknown Horror Top Trumps' artist. But judging by the big googly eyes and the large metal girdle the beast is wearing, I'm guessing this was possibly lifted from the pages of some forgotten '50 SF comic...

However I can make a positive id of his/its victim! The fellow on the receiving end of the oddly angled spear has been teleported in from another Hammer movie - Scars of Dracula (1970)! This unfortunate chap is Christopher Matthews, who plays a rakish young gentlemen called Paul Carlson. Paul has taken shelter in an old castle, and encounters the delectable Tania, played by Anoushka Hempel. Being a red-blooded young fellow, he can't resist seducing Tania, but unfortunately for him, immediately after making love, she gets a bit peckish...

Tania played by Anoushka Hempel

Now if you thinking, getting bitten by Anoushka and maybe spending eternity in undeath with her might not be so bad, sadly that's not Paul's fate. For the master of the castle returns - it's Dracula, Prince of Gooseberries! I mean, Prince of Darkness! And the Count is not pleased... But anyhow that's another story!

Back to the Slime Creature! Despite much trawling of assorted monsters and aliens, we are still no closer to answer. In some respects the Slime Creature's costume is a little like a mash up of two classic era Doctor Who monsters - the spacesuits of the Sontarans and the exoskeleton of the Ice Warriors - but it's no where near a proper match for either. However I suspect this creature has been stitched together from various sources - a dead giveaway being that fact that his hands are all over the place! It appears to have two left hands AND they are both on the wrong way! The victim clear comes from somewhere else but is such a generic pose and lacking in detail it is hard to trace. So then it looks like the Slime Creature will remain a mystery... For now!

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