The Zetan factor strikes again! Presumably this fellow is an associate of the Zetan Priest we encountered in the Devil Priest pack! Now then, judging by the bestial teeth and simian snout many folks have pegged this mysterious chap as being none other than Boris Karloff as Mr Hyde in Abbott and Costello Meet Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde from 1953. And it does look to be a good fit! See for yourselves!

Boris Karloff in Abbott and Costello Meet Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

But it is not quite an exact match. For where is the widows peak and beard? And the Zetan Warlord has an impressively furrowed brow! So then I have an alternative suggestion, as this card has always reminded me of something else, from an entirely different realm of fantastic fiction. For from first seeing these cards, the Zetan Warlord has always put me in mind of the Ogrons from Doctor Who! In particular, this publicity shot from the fabled Radio Times 10th Anniversary Special -

Ogrons from 1970s Doctor Who

The Ogrons appeared in two stories in 1970s Who - Day of the Daleks in 1972 and returning the following year in Frontier in Space. Also they made a cameo appearance in another story that ran between the two - Carnival of Monsters in early 1973. And undoubtedly they made additional guest appearances in countless childrens' nightmares...

Now I reckoned this famous publicity shot of them is a better fit for the Zetan Warlord - for we have a similar high domed forehead, heavily shadowed faces, as well as the simian features. And let's not forget too that our Unknown Artist had borrowed from the same era of Doctor Who several times before, nicking creatures and aliens for the Venusian Death Cell, Fire Demon, and of course, the Zetan Priest! However then I discovered another still from Abbott and Costello Meet Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Boris Karloff in Abbott and Costello Meet Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

An exact match I think you will agree! It was Karloff's Mr Hyde after all, albeit thanks to a rather poor black and white magazine picture! And so dear fiends, with that last mystery solved, the time has come to seal up the heavy doors of the Tomb of the Trumps!

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